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The Pennsylvania Wilds boasts more than two million acres of public land: state game lands, parks and forests and portions of the Allegheny National Forest, which are open for hunting at various times throughout the year. The region is also home to most of Pennsylvania’s 15,000 black bear, as well as abundant populations of turkey, pheasant, grouse, waterfowl, and other small game. Nearly 45 percent of all bears harvested in Pennsylvania in the past three years were found in the Pennsylvania Wilds.


For anglers, the Pennsylvania Wilds offers more than 16,000 miles of sparkling waterways – including 2,067 and two additional distinct water trails (West Branch Susquehanna River Trail and Pine Creek) – where you can sink your lure or cast your fly.  Fishing in the Pennsylvania Wilds is such an awesome experience, in fact, that some of the best anglers in the world travel here every year.


The largest elk herd in the Northeastern United States is literally at our doorstep.  Maps are available to self guide to viewing areas.


Snowmobiling ~ Skiing ~ Snowshoeing ~ Cross-County Skiing

With many parts of the Pennsylvania Wilds averaging 60-70 inches of snow a year, it’s not surprising that skiing is one of the region’s more popular winter activities. For those interested in taking a nice winter “drive,” the Pennsylvania Wilds offers more than 360 miles of snowmobile trails for your enjoyment. Hop on your snowmobile and experience the region’s snow-filled splendor up close and personal.

Pennsylvania abounds with opportunities for outdoor recreation.  Hiking, canoeing, backpacking, birding, kayaking, white water rafting, fishing, elk watching and more.

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