368 Sizerville Road
Emporium, PA 15834
(814) 486-0522


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The Buttonwood Motel is located smack in the middle of the "PA Wilds". This is the "bigwoods" part of the state with tens of thousands of acres of land open to public hunting and fishing.

DEER hunting all across the state is changing. Here in the "wilds" our deer populations are patchy and a little scouting would be advisable. Some areas hold plenty of deer, some not.

BEAR hunting is another story. With high populations throughout the area this is the "good old days" of Bear hunting.

Good TURKEY populations, lots of "open" land, plenty of mast, what can I say! Combine fall turkey hunting with scouting for deer or bear and it's a win/win situation. In the spring it's the same, Turkey hunting in the morning and fishing in the afternoon!

SMALL GAME hunting such as rabbits and ringnecks is limited but good populations of squirrels and grouse draw many hunters to the hills. Blacks are mixed with grays throughtout our range.